How to sell your used car

To profitably sell your car, you must first invest in it a little.
The main advice that can be given to a person who wants to sell his used tesla, Toyota, Mercedes or Opel more expensively is to look if you were a buyer. You should assess its appearance, other conditions, carry out pre-sale preparation. This will not only raise the price of the car but will also speed up the agreement.
Stage one: appearance. It goes without saying, when the body is launched and there are cells of blatant rust, it is necessary to talk not about hover gloss, but about normal body repair. In the process of using chips, all kinds of scuffs and scratches are appearing.
All these damages do not affect the way the car operates at all. But they produce a repulsive impression on the potential buyer. External shortcomings must be eliminated in advance. This is much more profitable than lowering the price later in the bargaining process. The cracked glass is to be changed, cracked or chopped plastic bumpers, moldings and expander arches should be repaired in a specialized car service.
After that, you should go to have your used tesla’s body polished. You can, of course, try to do it by yourself, but it is better to consult the specialist. And do not forget about the wheels! Battered and gnawed by corrosion, they will spoil the whole look. Therefore, it makes sense to send them to grinding and painting. The total cost of the above manipulations is unlikely to take a few hundred dollars, but then you can get a thousand extra $!
The car interior should also make an impression of brand new. You can clean it yourself. There are various products of auto chemistry to care for leather, plastic and fabric in stores. Although it is safer to do dry cleaning. Moreover, both the interior and the trunk should be cleaned. The potential buyer will certainly feel the bad smell in the trunk. As a rule, you can remove such trouble only with the help of dry cleaning.
As for the upholstery of the car seats, if they are shabby, there is no other way out, except for camouflage with the help of covers.
If you want to sell a used car profitably, you should pay special attention to suspension. If it has any obviously worn out components, they should be replaced. You also should adjust the collapse-convergence. The buyer is unlikely to be ready to shell out completely if at every little bumpy his potential car gives out a roar, and something goes wrong with the steering wheel. In general, before you sell used car.
you should do a complete check-up of it. You simply need to remove all the drawbacks, which disturb driving a car. It is clear that these procedures for different brands will cost quite differently. But in any case, they will bring their owners a profit.