How to use travel to land a job and improve your portfolio

While you’re travelling it can be difficult keeping your portfolio updated and keep doing things that will help you land a job once you’re ready to come home. Not only that but you also want to take time to enjoy the amazing experience that is travel itself.

To help, here are few tips from the public relations team at Adoni Media to maintain an impressive portfolio.


Volunteering, whether it be at home or abroad, is always impressive to potential employers. A great way to make the most of this opportunity is to spend a few weeks in a location and get to know the people and culture. Look at volunteering pages online and choose an opportunity you’re passionate about.

I volunteered at an orphanage teaching English when I was in Kenya. It was something that looked great on my CV and really taught me how to challenge myself and share knowledge,” said Adoni Media’s communications Director, Clare Christensen.

According to a survey in 2011, 65 per cent of HR executives questioned said volunteer experience abroad made an application stand out against others. Volunteering (and even travelling in general) can show employers you’re courageous, determined, and compassionate.

Learn a language

Not only does learning a language look impressive on a portfolio or resume, it also gives you the opportunity to engulf yourself in the culture of a country. Many employers value applicants who can speak a second language, as it shows they’re not only determined but also open to learning new things.

Learn new skills

While you’re abroad, take the time to learn a few new skills. Whether it be web design, drawing, art or music, your portfolio is likely to look more impressive with the more skills you know. Not only will it again show employers you’re open to learning new things, you may find yourself attracted to a skill and changing your career direction.

Working for a metro television station in Jakarta, Indonesia as an intern was a great opportunity. It allowed me to cover stories I would have never covered at home and experience life as a journalist in another country,” said Clare.

Try something out of your comfort zone

Whether it be skydiving or bungee jumping – after trying an activity out of your comfort zone you’ll soon find yourself wanting to take on the world. As well as adrenaline activities, simply travelling to a new country will force you to communicate with new people, try new foods, and visit different places.